WATERCOLOR PENCILS by STUDIO 71 - Set of 24 - Last Set !! STUDIO 71


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WATER-COLORING PENCILS by STUDIO 71 - All New !  Last Set !!

Great for adult coloring books , coloring your stamped images, etc. May also be used dry like any colored pencils.
Aim for precision in your art with this 24-piece Studio 71 watercolor pencil set. Each pencil has a color name and shade marking for easy identification and comes pre-sharpened so you can start drawing and detailing. Use this versatile watercolor pencil set wet or dry to create different effects, or alongside traditional watercolor to execute various painting techniques. Made from cedar wood, these hexagonal-shaped pencils are comfortable to use and have color-coded ends.

** IMPORTANT TIP** - In order to preserve your pencils, do NOT place them in a cup of water to wet them. It is better to either wet your paper first, or color your image with the pencil dry, and then using a paint brush or Qtip dipped in water, smooth out your colors on the paper. Soaking pencils in water weakens the leads and causes them to break off. The lead will soak up the water inside of the pencil like a sponge ! **** (this is true for any brand of watercolor pencils)

24 pre-sharpened pencils in assorted colors
Produce true watercolor effects while utilizing the advantage of pencil use
Achieve soft, vibrant strokes in dry format and bold, vivid tones when using it wet
Pencils retain their full intensity despite long term use
Pencils are stored in a durable tin case

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